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About Us

Let the Good Time Roll

Since 2009 Events Travel Out Corp.  Has been about helping Long Islanders making memories with old friends, family and new friends at our premier social outings. We are a tour operator that has been doing public trips to local and regional festivals , casinos, sporting events and now theme entertainments.   Members of the management are on site on every event and have a passion for yes, “Letting the Good Times Roll.” We make sure every trip is safe, fun, and a good time for all.

Whether you are looking to meet new friends or just want to get away from it all,  There is no better time to be had than a destination trip or event hosted by Events Travel Out. With our years of experience, we can make sure that your free time and leisure activities are well spent. From excellent entertainment venues and quality services to traveling in style in one of our deluxe luxury motor coaches you time and money will be well spent..

Once you’ve partied with us, you will surely never want to go anywhere again without us! Just ask our customers

“Your Maryland Crab Festival trip was just awesome! My wife and I can’t remember a trip away were we ate and drank  so much great food and beer and made so many new friends. You made the getting and coming just as enjoyable as the being there. . .”

Scott and Mary H.
Massapequa, NY